How To Sew Bed Sheets?

Buying quality bed sheets can be quite confusing especially if you’re looking for both comfort and durability. If you’ve read any bed sheet reviews you’ll realize that there’s more to purchasing quality sheets than just thread count.

The best sheets are made from 100% Egyptian cotton and these can be quite expensive. So why not make your own. It’s actually quite easy and the hardest part might be finding just the right fabric!

Before you start, make sure you wash your fabric to get rid of any shrinkage and then iron it flat so it’s easier to work with.

Sewing a Flat Sheet is Simple

Bed SheetsFor the flat sheet, depending on the size of your bed, you’ll most like need to sew three lengths of 42 inch wide fabric together. Measure the length, the width and then the height of your mattress.

You’ll need to add the mattress height measurement twice (x2) to the measured length and width and then add about another 16 inches all around so you can tuck the sheet in comfortably. This will then be the finished measurement of the piece of material that you start with.

Once you’ve prepared your piece of material (sew as many lengths together as you need), all that’s left to do is to sew a 1 inch hem all around the sheet and your flat sheet is finished.

Sewing The Fitted Sheet

Sewing a fitted sheet is slightly more involved but here is the easy way to do it.

Start out with the same size of fabric piece as the flat sheet. Now you’ll want to cut a square of fabric out of each corner. The easiest way to get the measurement for the square is to subtract the length of the mattress from the length of the piece of fabric and divide it by two.

Cut a square from a piece of cardboard to use as a template using this measurement. Place this template onto each corner and cut away the square pieces of fabric. With right sides together sew together the cut edges of each corner.

Next mark out where you want the elastic to go across each corner. Fold the edges of the fabric between these marks and sew to form a casing for the elastic.

Thread through the elastic and pin each end. Now hem the rest of the fabric securing the ends of the elastic as you go.

And there you have it! A simple way to sew your own sheets. You can even make a fitted sheet from a flat one using the above method.

Now that you’ve saved so much money by making your own sheets, go out and treat yourself to a pair of luxury pillow cases to complete the set.

Reasons Why an Extended Auto and Motorcycle Warranty Should Be Purchased

When an individual buys a new car, it normally comes with a good vehicle warranty. Since some warranties only last for a few years, however, people may need an extended warranty to ensure that they are prepared for unexpected car problems. Because the cost of an extended auto warranty may add to the monthly expenses that people pay, some vehicle owners are hesitant about paying the extra amounts. Before a vehicle owner turns an extended warranty offer down, however, they should be aware of the main benefits of buying an extended warranty early on.

Malfunctions Tend to Occur After the First Warranty Runs Out

Car Warranty5Typically, people tend to experience major problems as the vehicle begins to get older. Based on the model of the car, it may be prone to having more problems when they reach a certain age. For instance, some of the less expensive vehicles may begin to have transmission problems, alternator problems and the like. All of which can be very costly, especially if these expenses must be paid out of the person’s pocket. On the other hand, if the vehicle owner begins to experience maintenance problems after the first warranty has expired, they can then depend on the extended warranty to cover the cost if it has been paid for.

Read the Fine Print

An extended warranty is normally different from the new car warranty. In fact, the extended warranty is more likely to cover less and less parts. Therefore, before the vehicle owner buys an extended warranty, they should look to see what it actually covers. This will keep the owner from encountering unnecessary surprises. For example, if the car begins to have engine problems and it needs to be replaced, the owner should make sure in advance that the cost will actually be covered instead before they schedule the repairs.